In which city is this photo taken? In which country of Great Britain is this photo taken? Listening to the following song might help you. Enjoy listening to one of the best music bands ever (they were from this fantastic city).



Are the following sentences TRUE or FALSE?
1. Great Britain is formed by England, Wales and Scotland.
True. False.     
2. The United Kingdom is formed by England, Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.
True. False.     
3. Glasgow is in England.
True. False.
4. Liverpool and Manchester are also in England.
True. False.
5. London is the capital city of England.
True. False.     
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It's not the same to talk about Great Britain, England, and The United Kingdom. It's three different things and so you need to be careful. Just think about the difference between Spain and Portugal, being in the same peninsula doesn't mean they are the same country.

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