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Did you know that weekdays got their names from Gods and Goddesses?

Tyr was the God of War. His name became Tuesday.

Woden was the father of all Gods. He was the most important God. His name became Wednesday.

Thor was the God of thunder and he was very strong. There are a lot of stories about Thor's life. Find out more here.

Frigg was a very pretty important Goddess. Everyone loved her. She became Friday.



Copy the following table in your notebook and complete it with information from the text above. Then show it to your teacher.




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Look at these photos

Show Tyr, God of War Image
Tyr, God of War
Show Thor, God of thunder Image
Thor, God of thunder
Show Frigg, Goddess of fertility and love Image
Frigg, Goddess of fertility and love
Show Wodan, God of Gods Image
Wodan, God of Gods
iDevice icon KING ARTHUR
He was King Of Britain during the 5th century. There are a lot of legends about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Have a look at the following webpages to find out more.
Read the information on the webpages provided and say if the following sentences are True or False.

1. Arthur was Uther and Igraine's son.

True. False.
2. Uther and Igraine looked after Arthur.
True. False.
3. When Uther died it was easy to find the new King.
True. False.
4. It was easy to pull the sword from the stone.
True. False.
5. The name of the sword was Excalibur.
True. False.
6. Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.
True. False.
7. Merlin became King of England.
True. False.

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